Table Of Contents

1. My S.S.R

a.Kitchen Confidential

b.The Special Prisoner


a.Macbeth- Assignments 1-12

b.Sonnet Analysis; 1,18,29,130

c.My sonnet

3. Alice in Wonderland

a. My Variation of the jabberwocky poem

b.S.A.T words and examples

4. The Literary History Project

a.Classical Period

  • Art/Architechture powerpoint
  • Bibliography
  • Antigone act questions

b.Medieval Period

  • Art/Architechture powerpoint
  • Bibliography
  • Canterbury Tale; The pardoner

c.Restoration period

  • Art/Architechture powerpoint
  • Bibliography

d.Modern Period

  • Art/Architecture PowerPoint
  • Bibliography
  • Short story analysis; The Alpine Idyll by Ernest Hemingway,Je Ne Pas Francais by Katherine Mansfield, The Enigmaby John Fowles

5. Beowulf Prezi (analysis of descriptive writing)